Create a Firebase Project – Firebase configuration

You need to have been logged in with a Google account or create one if you don't have one. which can use the Firebase console in order to walk through this tutorial.

Creating a project

Follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Firebase console.
  2. Click “Add PROJECT".You can import an existing Google project to configure FCM if you have added Google features other than FCM to the project. 
  3. The “Add a project" window opens.
  4. Enter the project name, select country and click on ‘Create Project’
  5. Click Add Firebase to your web app
  6. Copy ‘API Key’, ‘Auth Domain’, ‘Database URL’, ‘Project Id’, ‘Storage Bucket’ and ‘Messaging Sender Id’ and paste them into Firebase Settings boxes respectively.
  7. Click gear icon in ‘Project Overview’, and click ‘Project Settings’.
  8. Click “Cloud Messaging".
  9. Copy ‘Server key’ and paste it into Firebase Settings Server Key box.

That is it for the Firebase configuration.